Sulawesi Seas & Sights

Sulawesi Seas & Sights

From Lembeh Strait via North Sulawesi and Toli-Toli over to Kalimantan

The passage from Manado on the northern tip of Sulawesi all the way to the island of Borneo takes us through two entirely different dive areas: the almost virgin North coast of Sulawesi, sparsely inhabited and with its many islands and bays, and the well-known islands of Sangalaki, Derawan, Maratua and Kakaban off the coastline of Indonesian Borneo.

We will depart Manado out of the harbor of Bitung, and start things off by diving the Lembeh Strait, Bangka and Talisei islands to the North, and the Bunaken National Marine Park. Leaving Bunaken, we will embark on our long journey westward to Toli-Toli Bay, following closely the Sulawesi coastline and stopping for dives along the many reefs facing the open Sulawesi Sea. Having done these runs since 2010, we have discovered a large number of dive sites along this coastline, including pristine coral gardens, great critter sites, steep slopes and walls alive in hard and soft coral, and some very fishy dives!

Halfway into our cruise we will cross the Makassar Strait, continuing our diving on the other side in the rich waters around the many reefs and islands off Borneo’s East coast. While not far from shore, these islands are off the continental shelf, rising abruptly out of kilometers of water. They are surrounded by turtles (Derawan), manta rays (Sangalaki), sharks, barracudas and jacks (Maratua), and non-stinging jellyfish (Kakaban) – you name it. And cruising through this area aboard Tambora, you will see all of them in a single voyage!

We will end our cruise in the island of Tarakan, from where you can catch a flight to Balikpapan and on to Singapore, or to Bali or Jakarta.

Upcoming Departures for Sulawesi Seas & Sights

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Cruise-IDStartEnd# NightsCruise NameCruise AreaFromToPrice (US$)Availability
2021-12 06-Jun-21 18-Jun-21 12 Sulawesi Seas & Sights Lembeh, Manado, Toli-Toli, Borneo Manado Tarakan 4,800 Inquire
2022-12 29-May-22 10-Jun-22 12 Sulawesi Seas & Sights Lembeh, Manado, Toli-Toli, Borneo Manado Tarakan 4,800 Inquire

Dive Blog – Sulawesi Seas & Sights

Check out our dive blog and read up on some spectacular dives we had on this cruise itin!

24-July: Batu Mandi
Defying the cold water, we found many different types of nudibranches as well as both painted and giant frogfish on this superb site!

20-July: Jackpot
As in the past, even a light to moderate current brought lots of jacks, snappers and sweetlips onto this dive site.

19-July: Refugium
While visibility was somwhat below average, the whole dive site was swept with surgeonfish and streaming fusiliers as we enjoyed the long wall and immense reeftop.

17-July: Barracuda Point
Even more sharks than usual patrolled off the wall, as the school of yellow tail barracuda garded their spot, while in the depth a school of batfish rushed through. Further on in the shallows over the ridge, we found another, even larger school of juvenile barracuda.

15-July: Big Fish Country
Fishes in immense numbers and variety, this is what Big Fish Country stands for! A large battery of barracuda stood in the mouth of the channel, while a sizeable stingray rested on the sandy bottom. Schools of black snappers and jacks had found a place to feed in the current, sailfin snappers emerged from inside the channel and passed us, and giant trevallies kept dashing through the clounds of smaller reeffish.