Planet Pelagic

Planet Pelagic

Across the Banda Sea

This incredible 12-nights cruise takes us through the best parts of the Banda Sea, from highlight to highlight. Due to seasonal constraints, it can be conducted only within two narrow time windows. So book early!

We will start things off with some great muck diving right in Ambon Bay, only minutes away from our point of departure. Next day, we will make our way along the South coast of the island, diving cavernous walls with healthy soft coral coverage. From here, we proceed to the Lease group East of Ambon, diving the islands of Molana and Nusa Laut. After on overnight journey, we reach the Banda islands, a volcanic mini-archipelago rising out of 5,ooom of water. We will dive westernmost Run and Ai islands prior to making our way into the lagoon where Tambora will go on anchorage we while we will dive a line-up of world-class sites nearby. We will spend 2-3 days here prior to making our way further East, diving Hatta and Karang Hatta along our way, to the fabled islands South East of Seram, collectively know as Seram Laut. Strong currents and up-swellings from the depth produce an incredible richness of fish, including barracudas, giant trevally, and dogtooth tuna among many others. From Seram Laut, we will sail south towards the Kei archipelago, known for its leatherback turtles. Thanks to its isolated setting, the Kei group is rarely visited or dived, hence our visit will invariably encompass some exploration diving.

On day 13 we will pull into Tual, the main city in the Kei Islands group, from where you can catch your flight back into Ambon.

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2022-20 23-Oct-22 04-Nov-22 12 Planet Pelagic Ambon, Lease, Banda, Manuk, Forgotten Islands Ambon Saumlaki 4,920 Inquire

Dive Blog – Planet Pelagic

Check out our dive blog and read up on some spectacular dives we had on this cruise itin!

03-November: Pancoran
Fish everywhere! Thousands of fusiliers were streaming over the reeftop, as a school of jacks stood a little off the slope. A giant grouper was guarding his ground and would not retreat even as the divers came in very close to him, and an oceanic manta swooped past.

02-November: Barbecue Beach
We had a superb night dive here, as critters were everywhere and the photographers were really struggling to catch up!

01-November: The Tip
What a beautiful reef! With only a very gentle current running, we enjoyed the healthy coral coverage, the carpets of fusiliers covering almost the entire dive site, and the battery of juvenile barracudas that came in close to check us out.

29-October: Pinnacle
An unforgettable dive! Entering on top of the seamount, we decided to swim a few meters into the current so as to get closer to the current-facing edge of the reef. However, prior to even reaching the edge, a school of scalloped hammerheads surprised us! They were going back and forth slowly over the reef, and, apparently unimpressed by our presence, came in very close to us! In the end it was us who needed to retreat for shallower waters, while the hammerheads were all still there!

25-October: Laha II
We started our cruise as we had ended the previous one, with a great line-up of critters in Ambon Bay, including a violet paddle flap rhinopia, a yellow rhinopia, two ornate ghostpipefishes, and a seahorse.