North Sulawesi Summer

North Sulawesi Summer

Lembeh, Bangka, Talisei, Bunaken & More

A few years back we have started to offer a North Sulawesi-only tour, at the best time of the year – and it has been a big success from scratch! The region around the Northern tip of Sulawesi offers an amazing variety of dive site settings: muck over black and white sand bottoms, vertical walls, superb rock formations, pinnacles and canyons. What’s more, the relative compactness of the area makes for short transits between sites, with most nights being spent on anchor in picturesque bays.

There are plenty of ways to divide up the time spent on this cruise. In Lembeh Strait, we make sure we dive both some of the sites that are trending at the time of the cruise, as well as some more out-of-the way and hence less dived sites towards the northern end of the Strait. We stop at Bangka, Talisei, and the Sulawesi mainland just South of the islands. The islands in Bunaken National Park and sometimes a bay or two along the mainland coastline make the westernmost part of the itinerary. Finally, wind and sea conditions permitting, we head up North to Sangihe for a couple of days.

Embarkation and disembarkation are in the port of Bitung, right in the middle of Lembeh Strait. As such, in- and outbound logistics for guests is very easy, with Manado international airport only a 1hr drive away; and for those looking forward to spending a couple of days on land prior to or after the cruise, there are plenty of resorts to choose from close by.

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2021-16 02-Aug-21 12-Aug-21 10 North Sulawesi Summer Lembeh, Bangka, Talisei, Bunaken Manado Manado 4,050 Inquire
2022-17 06-Aug-22 16-Aug-22 10 North Sulawesi Summer Lembeh, Bangka, Talisei, Bunaken Manado Manado 4,050 Inquire