Beneath Cliffs & Cloves

Beneath Cliffs & Cloves

Von Raja Ampat via Halmahera, Bacan und die Goraici-Inseln nach Ternate

Diese Route vereint die besten Tauchplätzen im Süden Raja Ampats mit den Spitzenplätzen im Süden Halmaheras und seiner vielen vorgelagerten Inseln: wunderschöne Riffe, Fischreichtum und auch immer wieder Tauchplätze für Makro-Liebhaber stehen auf dem Programm. Bitte beachten Sie, dass wir diese Tour in beiden Richtungen durchführen, sowohl von Sorong nach Ternate als auch von Ternate nach Sorong.

Bei Touren-Start in Sorong führt uns der erste Teil dieser Tauch-Safari nach Raja Ampat. Den ersten Tauch-Tag verbringen wir in den vielen Buchten entlang der Südküste der Insel Batanta; auf schwarzem Sand finden sich hier Seepferde, Geisterpfeifenfische, winzige Sephien, Kuhfische und seltene Nacktschnecken. Eine nächtliche Überfahrt bringt uns von hier in den Südosten Misools. Inmitten einer Landschaft aus unbewohnten Karst-Inseln und Felsen betauchen wir in Misool einige der zweifellos besten Riffe der Erde. Eine Besonderheit dieser Route ist, dass sie uns entlang der Südküste Misools und um die Insel Pele herum zu einigen der am seltensten betauchten Tauchplätzen Raja Ampats bringt. Im Anschluss an Pele und Misool beginnt der zweite Abschnitt unserer Safari. Nach einem Stopp im kleinen Pisang-Archipel erreichen wir den Südosten der grossen und stark verzweigten Insel Halmahera. Im Süden Halmaheras und Bacans tauchen wir an strömungs- und fischreichen Kaps. Weiter gen Westen erwarten uns an der Insel Bacan wieder Tauchplätze voller seltener kleiner Meeresbewohner. Von hier aus geht es gen Norden, zur Insel Kasirutu und dem Goraici-Archipel, wo uns einige der besten Tauchplätze Halmaheras erwarten: Steilwände, farbenfrohe Riffe, grosse Schulen von Riffischen und mit etwas Glück auch Grossfisch. Auf dem letzten Teilstück, von Goraici nach Ternate, betauchen wir die Vulkansand-Abhänge an der Insel Makian.

Die Start- und Endpunkte unserer Tauch-Safari, Sorong und Ternate, verfügen über gute Flugverbindungen nach Jakarta, Manado oder Makassar.

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2022-10 01-May-22 12-May-22 11 Beneath Cliffs and Cloves South Raja Ampat, Halmahera, Bacan, Goraici Sorong Ternate 4,425 Inquire

Dive Blog - Beneath Cliffs & Cloves

Hier finden Sie Einträge zu unseren spektakulärsten Tauchgängen auf dieser Safari-Route!

12-May: Tg. Siko
While not that fishy, this is one of the prettiest coral reefs to be found anywhere. The wall is alive in yellow and blue soft coral, and the vast reeftop boasts the most amazing variety of hard coral as well as many porites and bommies of immense size and height.

09-May: Pasir Hitam
Our dive here this afternoon was very productive, yielding (among many others): one painted, two red and three black frogfish; a seahorse; flying gunart; both ornate and robust ghost pipefishes; and, two oversize stonefish!

07-May: Orchard Reef
We started the dive at the steep coral slope in the South, enjoying the beautifully covered overhangs, as a cold upwelling brought dogtooth tuna, giant trevally and jacks in. Retreating to somewhat warmer (and shallower) water, we were pleased to find the reeftop awash with large schools or surgeonfish and bumphead parrotfish grazing among the many large sponges.

06-May: South Penemu
With only a very gentle current as a backdrop, we could swim almost the entire length of this reef, and it was incredibly fishy all the way, with multiple schools of barracuda (including both adult and juvenile) pinjalo snappers, jacks, fusiliers, and surgeonfish.

06-May: Batu Cukur
Even though we entered upcurrent, it took us some effort to make our way down the reef and a little further towards the current facing side. But there were ample rewards: a pristine reef scenery dotted with brightly colored blue and yellow fire corals; the live hunting going on right in front of our eyes, with bluefin trevally, giant trevally and Spanish mackerels dashing over and over again into thick walls of fusiliers; and, sharks circling with a rapid speed and at an extremely low height over the reef, as if they wanted to evade the reef’s ‘radar screen’, waiting for the fall-out!

04-May: Shark Cape
Our dive at Shark Cape started with a breathtaking first 15 minutes, as we backrolled from our dive tenders and basically found ourselves in front of a large school of barracuda, who advanced at a very leisurely pace. The barracudas were immediately followed by an equally large school of big eye trevallies. It was only as the jacks had moved on, too, that we started to descend a little deeper, briefly taking notice of the presence of black and whitetip sharks, before an even larger school of trevallies came right at us out of the depth! It was only after these first 15 frantic minutes that we started taking in the gorgeous reef scenery, while the reef sharks kept up their patrolling business a little deeper during most of our dive.

03-May: Soft Coral Mount
We did two dives on this spectacularly beautiful site. Our first dive was a rapid drift as the current was running, with the soft corals open in all colors of the rainbow, and the reef alive with large schools of surgeonfish, fusiliers and patrolling sharks. On our second dive conditions were more relaxed, however the world underwater was still standing in full bloom, and we could take in the schools of sweetlips sheltering between at the tall rock pinnacles.

01-May: Four Kings
Even though conditions were a little challenging, as a result of a medium strong current and somewhat reduced visibility due to lots of plankton in the water, ‘Fould Kings’ was still a dive that received the ‘Can we do this once again?’ verdict from our guests. The dramatic underwater topography of this dive site, with its pinnacles, ridges, walls and cuts, combined with the fish count – jacks, pinjalo snappers, barracudas – and hence sheer action going on around us made this once again a spectacular place to explore.