Among The Volcanoes

Among The Volcanoes

Dive South Halmahera, Ternate, Makian, Bacan & the Goraici Islands

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2022-11 15-May-22 26-May-22 11 Among the Volcanoes Ternate, Halmahera, Bacan, Goraici, Lembeh Ternate Manado 4,425 Inquire

Dive Blog - Among the Volcanoes

Check out our dive blog and read up on some spectacular dives we had on this cruise itin!

26-May: Pante Sago
We spent our morning dive here in crystal clear water amidst thousands of barracudas and jacks!

22-May: Sesame Strait
While the current did not allow us to go a little away from shore and have a look at the vast field of broccoli coral, there was plenty to keep us busy in the shallows: the baby nurse shark we had seen here on the previous cruise was still sleeping under the same table coral, and still allowed close-up photographs, and a nearby bommie that was entirely covered in glassfish also produced mantis shrimp, blue ribbon eel, pipefish and two yellow leaf scorpionfish upon close inspection.

21-May: Cleft Point
We slowly zigzagged our way up this wall with its many crevices, overhangs and chimneys, taking in all the sea fans, soft coral and black coral bushes, as a large school of black snappers was patrolling the bottom of the wall, while queenfish and long jawed mackerels were hunting in the shallows.

19-May: Rugged Point
Thanks to slack tide, we started our dive by touring around the many large rocks and pinnacles lying off the wall, discovering a school of black snappers behind one rock, a school of batfish being another, and two large grey reef sharks circling in the deep. We spent the last part of the dive dipping into the many cracks and caves in the shallow part of the wall.

4-Jun3: Pante Sago
We had two unforgettable dives here, both times amongst one of the largest batteries of barracudas we had ever seen, a very large school of jacks, as well as many giant trevallies!

2-June: Adiwita
As we backrolled from our dive tenders, the entire current facing side of this phantastic reef system was covered with fish. Only later on, when we let ourselves drift with the current, did we have a chance to look at the impressive hard corals and large sponges, and to have a look underneath them for critters.

2-June: Cleft Point
As we entered, a large school of jacks was standing off just a few meters from this world class wall. Further into the dive, we took in the many clefts, cracks and crevices, filled with large gorgonian sea fans, black coral, where oriental and spotted sweetlips were sheltering.

28-May: Batu Timbul
We entered in front of the current and hooked in for a few minutes to take in all the fish action around us, especially large schools of fusiliers, surgeonfish, and a few reef sharks circling underneath. All the more surprised were we that when we unhooked and started to drift along the reef, there were actually large schools of fish distributed all over the reef! Soft corals in all colors of the rainbow were wide open and feeding in the current, which, together with the varied topography and range of different substrates on this dive site made for a stunning drift.