21st Century Luxury & Amenities
21st Century Luxury & Amenities

Tambora proves that sailing and cruising on a traditional, beautiful wooden schooner does not mean compromises in terms of creaturely comforts. Tambora offers all luxury and amenities that you can imagine. At the same time, she makes away with many shortcomings frequently encountered on a dive liveaboard.

Spacious ...

Naturally, space is at a premium on a ship. Hence, Tambora has been sized and configured to comfortably accommodate a maximum of 16 divers:

  • Eight spacious guest suites, each at least 15m2 in size, and with a large en-suite bathroom
  • Choice of double and large twin beds (no bunk beds!)
  • All beds longitudinally aligned with the vessel, so our guests sleep in the direction of the vessel movement
  • Each guest suite comes with a writing desk. If you like, you can fill in your logbook or review the shots from the day’s diving in the privacy of your own suite
  • Ample storage space for cloths, bags, books, magazines, etc. • Large salon with separate dining and relaxing sections, offering enough space during mealtimes, as well as for chilling out over a chat and drinks with fellow divers, with a book in your hands, or working on your laptop
  • Three separate lounge decks – bow, aft and salon rooftop – provide enough space and privacy, and can be fully shielded from the sun

Well appointed ...

Our guest suites and the large salon make your life on board as easy as possible:

  • Showers in all en-suite guest bathrooms come with individually adjustable hot and cold water
  • Separate shower and hand towels for each guest
  • Each guest suite comes with a writing desk. So if you like, you can fill in your logbook or review the shots from the day’s diving in the privacy of your own suite
  • All guest suites are equipped with individually controllable air conditioning
  • Individual reading lights above each bed
  • Plenty of power outlets (European 220V type) in your suite and throughout the vessel
  • 2-4 portholes per guest suite for natural light, as well as a fresh sea breeze when opened!
  • The large salon is well ventilated at most times, but also has its own air conditioning for those rainy days
  • Large flat screen TV/DVD with home cinema surround sound in the salon

Quiet ...

Noise – as such, or as a consequence of excessive vibration – can seriously spoil life on board. Noise has also been proved to contribute to fatigue and seasickness. Tambora has been designed and built to keep excessive noise under control:

  • Throughout the entire vessel, separating walls have been soundproofed with noise absorbing materials. This helps mitigate noise, as well as guarantee the privacy of our guest suites
  • Engine room bulkheads are extra thick to absorb engine noise
  • Similarly, all ceilings and decks have been soundproofed to mitigate step noise
  • Tambora’s power train employs a flexible coupling to reduce vibration and thus structure-borne noise
  • Her five-blade propeller is made of a special, very stiff alloy, minimizing internal vibration of the blades which are a key source of structural noise
  • All engines under deck sit on flexible, shock-absorbing mountings
  • Our “silent” water-cooled air conditioning system does not need noisy radiator fans

Cool ...

Among the natural luxuries of travelling at sea is enjoying the breezes when sitting out on deck. Conversely, inside a vessel, and especially under deck, temperatures can be too hot for comfort. Wherever possible, Tambora has been designed to mitigate this: 

  • All ceilings and decks have been thermally insulated, to prevent the rooms underneath from heating up under the intense tropical sun 
  • Tambora’s hull is kept in white color and hence reflects sunlight. As trivial as it sounds, this makes a huge difference to temperatures inside! 
  • All guest suites as well as the large salon feature individually controllable air conditioning

Savory ...

Our Chef serves a menu of tasty Indonesian, European and Japanese specialties, freshly prepared in our well-equipped kitchen. Five meals per day mean there always is a tasty bite awaiting our guests when they surface! •

  • Snack prior to the first dive of the day: coffee, tea, fruit juice, milk, toast, selection of biscuits 
  • Breakfast after the first dive: choice of omelet, scrambled eggs, bacon and eggs, pancakes; also toast, marmalades, and fruits, served with coffee, tea, fruit juices, milk and soft drinks 
  • Lunch: buffet-style, with a different range of Indonesian favorites every day 
  • Afternoon snack after the third dive of the day: variation of cakes, fruits, and Indonesian specialties, with coffee and tea 
  • Dinner: served; soup, salad and main course, alternating between European and Asian specialties 
  • Drinks are on a help-yourself basis available in the salon: drinking water, a broad selection of local coffees, tea, milk, a range of soft drinks and beer are all included in the cruise fare 
  • Wine, of which we carry a fine selection, and liquor are charged on a separate basis