1st Class Safety Features
1st Class Safety Features

Tambora proves that traditional design and today’s advanced safety requirements combine well. Great care has been taken during planning, design, and outfitting of the vessel to minimize potential safety hazards. And this focus on safety continues all the way through daily operations.

Safety standards and features ...

Tambora’s design and construction specifications meet or, in most instances, comfortably exceed the requirements as laid out in the construction manual for wooden sailing motor yachts (“Pedoman Konstruksi Kapal Layar Motor”) by the Indonesian classification bureau, PT. (Persero) Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia.

Tambora carries the full range of IMO (International Marine Organization)-conform safety, communication, and navigation equipment. Throughout the vessel, in each room and space under deck, a 24V DC emergency system provides back-up lighting, just for the extremely unlikely case that all four marine power generators should fail at the same time. All windows on deck are made of 10mm strong tempered glass.

Fire hazards ...

Two potential sources of fire include open fires inside the vessel, and under-sized, poor electrical wiring where cables heat up and eventually start burn. Tambora has a strict “no open fire” policy. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the vessel, at all times. There are no dangerous gas-fired stoves in use, and there is no LPG on board. Rather, all cooking, grilling, and baking is carried out on electrical cooking hubs and ovens of the latest German design and make. Fuel for the dinghies is stored in a separate, complete sealed compartment. All electrical wirings are carried out in over-size marine-type shielded cables that will not heat up even under the highest electrical currents.

Personal safety hazards ...

Our guest cabins and common facilities are all of a size that allows our guests to move about the vessel unobstructed. There are no narrow gangways and staircases, or rooms so small that one invariably bumps into a wall or piece of furniture upon any movement. Ceiling heights are a comfortable 2.20-2.50m throughout the vessel. The large, comfortable dive platform on the backboard side of the vessel is only three easy steps down the vessel’s main deck.

Special care has also been taken wherever people might slip on a wet floor: all outdoor areas feature special non-slip finishing. In addition, the teak parquet covering the outside deck area is profiled longitudinally in beautiful Indian rosewood, giving your feet grip as well as a massage with every step! The lounge deck on the salon rooftop has latitudinal indentations, in addition to the longitudinal profiles, and the resulting grid structure is pleasant and safe to walk on. And, the dive station and all bathrooms aboard the entire vessel feature special non-slip flooring. And finally, we start off every cruise with a dedicated safety briefing, to make sure everybody’s accustomed with the vessel and will enjoy a safe time aboard.